C.I.T. S.r.l.


We build the quality....

CIT S.r.l.mean the quality as ability to conceive and to realize a project in innovative way, that borns from the choices of the materials, from the coordination and updating of specialized staff, from the study of architectures, spaces, particular of project, to reach the realization of works of civil engineering complex more and more.

CIT S.r.l. is born in 2014 and it is the result of the union of different professional figures matured in the last decade.

The ability to unite a series of innovative equipments to the offered services allows CIT S.r.l. to excel for timeliness and safety in the activities of competence.

CIT S.r.l. is able to offer a range of services that go from the consultation to the planning, from the maintenance to the supply in work of scaffoldings, material for insulation, thermal treatments, civil and industrial building.